Oxford City Rally against 15 minute city proposal.

Ian Jarvis, whose picture can be seen above is an expert in the area of 5G. Ian travels across the country in an attempt to raise the awareness of people on the dangers of the technology that is being rolled out across the world in the absence of any health or environmental impact assessments worldwide. Below is a document that gives step by step instructions as to how, on a local level we can successfully object to masts being erected in residential areas. This is a live document that is always being updated and I would always refer the reader to Ian himself for the most up to date and most effective techniques to use.

Those who are aware of the monument of a mast located in Buckswood Drive, Gossops Green, Crawley, will be aware that this monstrosity has been in place since 2006. At this time, most people were unaware of the health and environmental risks it may present, and we ‘The Sussex Resident’s Association’ are currently undertaking work that should rightly have been undertaken by the Environmental Health/Local planning authority of Crawley Borough Council to discover the potential harm that this technology, situated in the middle of residential areas is causing. We have taken data readings across both Crawley and Brighton and Hove, we have had that data looked at by an expert who has given us some quite scary information and we are currently trying to assess the level of damage that may have been caused to local people by the apparent lack of a duty of care by both central and local government in this area. The information below is for local communities to use to their advantage to have the the rollout of this technology in residential areas stopped and hopefully to have it removed from within miles of residential areas. This Gossops Green Mast is within 150m of a primary school and within 300m of a secondary school and has been there for 20+ years, the impact upon children and staff in those schools cannot be under estimated, but of course discovering the true information from the state will be nigh impossible, but if local people will share their experiences then we may start to see what the true picture is.

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  1. You may be able to use a Statutory Nuisance Complaint (“effluvia” and positive ions released) or an Injunction to have to turned off while investigations take place.
    Just in case you haven’t thought of either.

    1. Thanks Ian. We will see how it pans out, but I will bear those two0 things in mind.. I’m out delivering the leaflets today.

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