Should I pay my Council Tax and will I get in trouble if I don’t?

This question arises all over the freedom movement and I have seen many different responses and will discuss some of those in this essay.

Some of you will be aware that people have been sent to prison for non-payment of council tax and it is the only ‘alleged debt’ for which this can happen. The first mistake of anyone who was sent to prison is simply this, you should never have gone to court in the first place. Now that may sound like a strange comment until you understand who you are and what your relationship is to ‘The Council’. First of all the council is a corporation operating for profit. How do I know this? Because you can go to ‘’ which lists all corporations in the UK , search for ‘Crawley Borough Council’ and this is what they will send to you:

Company: Crawley Borough Council
Street: Town Hall
Postcode: RH10 1UZ
D-U-N-S® Number: 211222500

So we now know that the council is a corporation but what about you and what should your relationship to that corporation be?

Upon your birth a ‘Legal Fiction’ is created. That legal fiction can be what you consider to be your full name in block capitals for example : ROY WILLIAMS, or sometimes your name prefixed by a Mr/Miss/Mrs/Dr etc, e.g Mr Roy Williams, or other variations such as Mr RT Williams. All of these variations are referring to the legal fiction and it is not you. The ‘legal fiction’ essentially declares you the living breathing baby as ‘lost at sea’, (because ‘the system’ is a maritime system) and just like a corporation you are now a ‘dead entity’ which has no voice (the dead can’t speak) but the process of registering your birth etc. has created the facility for you to operate within the system with other dead entities and corporations. I am sure many of you will have heard some of this before but many still crumble when they receive a summons through the post and succumb to the idea that the summons relates to you as a living, breathing man or woman. It does not. The problem is that the conditioning that we have all been subjected to from our earliest days at school and throughout our whole lives has been very effective and it takes time to adjust to the fact that you are not your legal fiction and you have no obligation to respond to anything addressed to that legal fiction because it is not you. Whenever you see something addressed to ‘The resident’, ‘the occupier’, ‘the council tax payer’, etc, this is not you. If you are ever referred to as ‘a citizen’, ‘a parent’, a person’, ‘a child’ etc this is not you either. You are however a ‘father’, a ‘mother’, a ‘son’ and ‘daughter’ and collectively we are ‘people’.


Corporations can only contract with corporations, as a living breathing man or woman, you are unable to contract with a corporation but you are able to contract with another living breathing man or woman. In order to do this the terms of the contract should be drawn up and agreed to by both parties, both should add their wet signature to the document and then date it. This then constitutes an enforceable contract and it involves concepts such as there should be full disclosure, there should be no fraud or deception otherwise the ‘contract’ is null and void ‘ab initio’ (as though it had never happened) and both parties should agree the terms and sign and date the document in each others presence. Anything outside of these ‘rules’ means the contract is not valid.


So when a council tax demand comes through the letterbox and it is addressed to your legal fiction it is essentially an ‘offer to contract’ and you should treat it accordingly. You have a choice open it, read it and act upon the content in some way or don’t open it and return to sender (I will talk about how this should be done below). By opening the letter and acting upon the content and this would include writing back to the council to ask them to prove your liability to pay, or setting up a direct debit to start paying whilst you dispute the liability then you have given them ‘joinder’ which means that you have accepted by your actions that you are the legal fiction that they wrote to and although you didn’t sign anything by your actions you have accepted the terms of their offer to contract. The point here is that you have entered into their make believe system in which you legal fiction is now in contract with the council. Doh!


I will mention here a guy by the name of Chris Coverdale. Chris is a wonderful guy who has valiantly refused to pay Council tax over many years on the basis that to do so you are engaging in conduct that is ancillary to war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. Chris presents a sound case in my opinion as to why none of us should pay council tax and he has some great ideas as to what we should be doing as an alternative.

Here is a link to an interview in which he lays out the case for this:

Well first of all, I agree with Chris that all revolutions are tax revolutions but it may be prudent to mention here that Chris has been to prison three times in relation to his non-payment of council tax. So what is the solution and how can this be avoided?

I am not giving legal advice here, but I will tell you what I did and why the council has not taken me to court and that the chances of that happening are remote in the extreme, mainly because I would never voluntarily go to their court in the first place. Their summons is a request to attend addressed to your legal fiction, not you.

The first thing I did upon receipt of the council tax demand (their offer to contract) is that I returned it with a letter that simply said ‘ Please be advised that the following three persons listed below no longer reside at these premises and I listed my name, my partners name and my son’s name in block capitals. So essentially, I was using the language they use (legalise) when they write to you. This is a different language to the English language and we know this because there is a dictionary called Black’s Law Dictionary in which words they use are defined. So when I told the council that the persons listed below no longer resided at the premises, I was essentially telling them that we were divorcing ourselves from the ‘legal fictions’ assigned to us by the state upon birth. I could also have said ‘the persons listed below are now deceased’, which from the perspective of the state is information that they already know and is a statement of fact.

So a week or so went by and a letter from the council addressed to ‘The Occupier’ arrived and I simply returned it to sender marked ‘Not known at this address’ and I also got one addressed to ‘The Council Tax Payer’ which I returned in a similar fashion.

Shortly after this I came home one day and was informed by my neighbour that some people from the council had been around, knocking my door and my neighbour’s doors and asking them who lived at my address. My next-door neighbour (bless her) told them that Roy Williams lives there and has done so for the past 17 years or so and within a week the council had reinstated the ‘council tax demand’ but this time, instead of addressing it to my ‘ALL CAPS’ name it was addressed to ‘Mr R Williams’, but of course, still a legal fiction variant.

I returned the ‘offer to contract’ with a more detailed explanation and I have cut and pasted from that letter here:

Re: ‘Council Tax Demands addressed to MR R WILLIAMS and variations of that name’

Dear Sir/Madam,

Some weeks ago I wrote to you to advise that the persons known as:


Since this date I understand that officers from the council have been knocking my door whilst I was out despite the fact that clearly displayed at the premises is a removal of implied access notice. What this notice means is that you do not have the right just to turn up at my address and knock the door. If you wish to speak to me as the occupier then you will need to notify me 7 days in advance in writing, to advise that you wish to have a face-to-face meeting. The charge for such a meeting is £1000 per hour or part thereof.

I also understand that you made enquiries with my neighbours, asking questions about who lives next door and how long they have lived there. This activity, coupled with knocking at my door is harassment pure and simple. It is a bullying tactic designed to intimidate and in view of the notice it is civil trespass and when the object of the visit is to claim an alleged debt or financial obligation it is a criminal offence. Whatever ‘evidence’ you think you have obtained is nothing more than hearsay and yet on the basis of your visit you have apparently reinstated the demand for council tax payable by ROY WILLIAMS (correspondence opened in error an returned to sender).

The name ROY WILLIAMS and similar variations of that name are ‘legal fictions’. What this means is that when I was born a the name ROY WILLIAMS was created by the Crown, it was assigned to me on my birth certificate and a Cestui Que Vie trust was established under the Cestui Que Vie Trust Act of 1666. This was done without my knowledge, as I was a babe in arms and it was also done without full disclosure to my parents, in fact it is fair to describe what happened as a fraud.

For my whole life I have been led to believe that I am the legal fiction name when in fact I am not.

The idea that all men and women born in this country are their legal fictions is a big lie, and yet it is accepted as a truth, without question by corporations the world over because in doing so they are able to access the Cestui Que Vie trust fund. However, once a man or woman becomes aware of the fraud they are able to disassociate themselves from the legal fiction and start to operate differently in the world. So as a living breathing man I am unable to contract with a corporation. Your council tax demand is a request to contract sent to the legal fiction ROY WILLIAMS and as advised in earlier correspondence that legal fiction no longer resides at 5, Winter Gardens. If any living breathing man or woman in the corporation known as ‘Crawley Borough Council’ wishes to make an offer to contract then by all means it can be sent to me using the correct grammatical correctly syntaxed language to write my name as I am only able to contract with other living breathing men or women. You will need to discover my true name, which further to a recent Supreme Court hearing I am under no obligation to provide to you.

It appears then that you are attempting to access my Cestui Que Vie trust. I am only the beneficiary of the trust and cannot authorise such access unless I agree that I am the legal fiction, which I do not.

For this reason I will not be responding to any further correspondence in relation to this matter as it is all address to a ‘nom de guerre’. All future correspondence from yourselves addressed to the ‘nom de guerre’ will be returned unopened. Please remove the names of the persons listed above in block capitals from your voters register.

Kindest Regards

The occupant of XXXXXXXXX

So there are a couple of things to note, you could include the Dun and Bradstreet number in your correspondence so there is not doubt in your mind that the council is a corporation and this would reinforce your position.

There is reference to a ‘Removal of Right of Implied Access’. This is simply a notice that you should put up that tells anybody approaching your address without a prior appointment that they may not just knock you door. Some notices mention that unauthorised visits may attract a fine. I will put a link to the notice below.

The final thing to mention is how you should return the letters to the council (councils usually put their return address on the envelope), mark the envelope with ‘No legal fictions, dead entities or vessels lost at seas reside at this address.’ Also put on the envelope ‘Your offer to contract is politely declined’. Put some white stickers over the window of the envelope and then point out the mail fraud (I wont go into detail here as to why it is fraud except to say that the four corners rule applies –you can perhaps research this yourself) Then on the back of the envelope mark it ‘Terms and Conditions’ 1. Any unauthorised visits to this address will attract a fine of £3,000. 2. The right to implied access to this address has been removed and this is reinforced by notice(s) at the address. 3. Any appointments attract a fee of £1,000 per hour or part thereof payable 7 days in advance. 4. Sovereigns are unable to contract with corporations and as such your offer to contract is declined. 5. No legal fictions, dead entities or vessels lost at seas reside at this address. 6. Any future correspondence related to this matter will be destroyed, so please Cease and Desist.

Put a first class stamp on the rear of the envelope and mark it ‘Return to sender’.

So any future correspondence can either be destroyed or returned. Sometimes I would drop the letters off by hand at the Town Hall just to rub it in their faces.

So when we consider how to start a Tax revolution, it begins here. I would encourage as many people as possible to stop feeding the beast, the more people that get on board with this the more quickly we bring this nonsense to an end. Councils are engaged in Genocide and some say High Treason, they are overstepping their powers with their proposed 15 minute city plans and they have absolutely no right whatsoever to interfere with our constitutional rights as living, breathing men and women of this land. We have the inalienable right under the common law jurisdiction of this land, to travel, speak, freely assemble and earn a living. So stop your direct debits, the process is clear, don’t live in fear, take back your power and let’s bring the councils to their knees as a starter for 10!.

In a later essay I will talk about the process of changing your status in law from a ‘dead entity, a vessel lost at sea or a legal fiction’ to that of a living, breathing man or woman.

Here is a link to download the ‘Removal of Implied Right of Access’. Download, insert your address, laminate and post next to your front door.

implied right of access removed.docx

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