Wi-Fi in Schools

Is it safe and as a parent should I be concerned?

In the video below, Barrie Trower explains in some detail why Wi-Fi is dangerous. The predominant reason why it is dangerous is because it is based on microwave technology. As Barrie explains, this technology was known and used by governments around the world for many years before being used in mainstream society and sold to the global population as being safe. It is not safe, in fact it is extremely dangerous and as a parent, if your child is still in mainstream ‘education’ then I would suggest that you take steps to ensure that the school applies the ‘precautionary principle’ and reverts to hardwired internet rather than Wi-Fi. The future of your children and your children’s children is at stake. The danger is real and despite the fact that the government ignores the dangers and continues to assure us all that the technology is safe, it is not. There are many peer reviewed studies out there and I will provide links below. Barrie has been demonised by the mainstream media and on the internet since he blew the whistle on the fact that the UK government had used low level non-ionising radiation on the women protestors at Greenham Common in the early 80’s. Barrie is a true hero and has dedicated his life to bringing this information to light. I will carry on his legacy if I am able because what is happening is an international outrage and ‘We the People’ need to take a stand against it.

So here we have a document going back to 2009 which hints at the conflict between physicists and engineers (possibly with connections to the tech sector) and health professionals and biologists when seeking to determine whether there can be said to be harm caused to all people exposed to Wi-Fi all of the time, but in answering the question ‘Is there any evidence that Wi-Fi is harmful to health?’ the answer is a clear resounding ‘Yes’. I would remind the reader how secondary smoke inhalation and exposure to asbestos were also denied as possible carcinogens for decades by the related industries. The seemingly unlimited resources of these corporations seems impossible to fight but actually all we need do is apply common sense and say ‘No more!’

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