What is EMF?
What is EMF and why should it bother me to be exposed to it ?

According to the World Health Organisation:

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) of all frequencies represent one of the most common and fastest growing environmental influences, about which anxiety and speculation are spreading. All populations are now exposed to varying degrees of EMF, and the levels will continue to increase as technology advances. Electromagnetic radiation has been around since the birth of the universe; light is its most familiar form. Electric and magnetic fields are part of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation which extends from static electric and magnetic fields, through radio-frequency and infrared radiation, to X-rays.

All living things, including mankind are bioelectric beings. We know this is true because when for example we have a problem a doctor might send a patient to have an EEG (electroencephalogram) in which the electrical activity of the brain is measured or perhaps an ECG (electrocardiogram) in which the electrical activity of the heart is measured. Every organ in the body and all systems in the body work on electrical signals. So for example, if I were to cut myself on my foot, neurotransmitters from the site of the wound send a signal almost instantly to the brain (this would be experienced as pain) and the brain is alerted that something is wrong. The brain will then send electrical signals through the body so that whatever is required at the site of the wound in order to stop the bleeding and initiate clotting would be sent. This is the miracle of the body, it uses subtle electrical signals and chemical processes which together become neurotransmitters to provide whatever is needed at anytime anywhere in the body, this is of course an entirely subconscious process and is initiated without you having to consciously do anything about it. It is important to recognise that these are very small electrical signals.

The electrical systems of the human body are thousands of times weaker than those produced by electric power utility companies or wireless and telecom companies and are easily disrupted by being in the proximity of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s). Brainwave changes have been noted from radio and microwaves as weak as a billionth of a microwatt (Dr Robert O. Becker’s ‘The Body Electric’ p 313).So to answer why it should bother you that you may be exposed to such fields I can use an analogy. Suppose you are in a foreign country and you have been given a train ticket to travel to another city. You look at the ticket, and you can’t even pronounce the name, because firstly it is in a foreign language, and secondly, someone has tippex-ed out 4 random letters of the city name. The result is that you may, by blind luck get off at the correct stop, because a certain part of the city name on the ticket is similar to the station sign when you stop at a certain place on the journey. You may however, not get off and you may continue blindly past the stop to be lost forever in this foreign country. This is not too dissimilar to what happens in the body, the signals of the neurotransmitters are disrupted and though the brain initiated the correct signal, there are no guarantees that what is required at the site of the wound will be delivered. Interestingly, bleeding problems (excessive nose bleeds that don’t clot easily for example) are one of the very early signs of exposure to EMF and Radio Frequency radiation (Wi-Fi signals and the such). Other early signs of exposure to this harmful radiation are, mental fuzziness, inability to focus, headaches, skin conditions, blood clotting, memory loss, irritability and many others. Prolonged exposure results in much more serious conditions, up to and including cancer.

50-60 years ago very few had heard of conditions such as autism, ADHD, leukemia, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s ALS, depression, suicides, miscarriages etc, but these are now commonplace in our society. It was so rare for a child to be diagnosed with cancer and now it is the most common cause of death from disease in children! Special needs teachers in schools were unheard of and now they have them in every school throughout the nation. The likelihood of a child being born autistic in the 1950’s was 10,000 to 1 in the US Centre for Disease Control’s  2016 survey this is now as low as 36 to 1 in girls and 28 to 1 in boys. These statistics should alarm all of us. Many health care experts and scientists, are quite clear that the cause of this alarming rise in disease across the world is as a result of the invisible, silent, odourless and tasteless man made non-thermal EMF’s which are produced by anything in which 50/60 Hz electricity is flowing and by all of the recent gadgets and technology that we are all using on a daily basis, including wireless products and devices, which we were all assured were entirely safe, and yet for which no real health risk or environmental impact assessments have been carried out, and yet all of which produce hazardous, pulsed non-thermal Radio Frequency EMF radiation (or EMF’s for short).

Each base station of a telecom mast uses as much electricity as 73 three bedroom houses use in a year. Who do you think is paying for what must countywide be an absolutely extortionate electricity bill? Yes, that’s right, it’s you the council tax payer!  You may ask yourself why when you may be struggling to pay your own utility bills you should be paying for this technology and also how it fits into the green agenda? Many historic scientific studies say that these telecom masts should be situated at least 500m from residential or highly populated areas schools and yet the image above is an actual photograph of the top of the mast that is in Buckswood Drive which is in the centre the centre of Gossops Green estate in Crawley. What is different about this mast compared with the average monopole is that the base stations are absolutely enormous and there appear to be at least three of them. It is situated right next to an old people’s home, it it within 150m of a primary school and within 300m of a secondary school and towers above the whole of the residential area known as Gossops Green. So when we start to have an understanding of how harmful and damaging this technology is, I think we should be rightly concerned that this monstrosity is in the middle of one of the largest residential areas of Crawley. Of course, we are able to reduce our own exposure to EMF’s and RF radiation, by not using our smart phones as often, by not holding the handset to our heads, by reducing the use of mobile data, by keeping our phones in airplane mode wherever possible and by hardwiring our household gadgets to our routers and turning off the Wi-Fi. The problem with the masts is that we have no way to get away from the signals that they emit when we go outside and all of this was done in our own backyards without any consent from us, how and why this is occurring will be the subject for another essay but suffice it to say that the telecom industry is one of the largest lobbyist groups in the world, with seemingly unlimited resources.

Dr Gerald Hyland, a physicist, twice nominated  for the Nobel Prize in Medicine, says, ” Existing safety guidelines for cell phone towers are completely inadequate…Quite justifiably, the public remains skeptical of attempts by governments and industry to reassure them that all is well, particularly given the unethical way in which they often operate symbiotically so as to promote their own vested interests”. (http://geopathology-za.wikidot.com/cell-towers). I would encourage the reader to take a look at this site.

So what is the effect on other forms of life?

The wider issue of the rollout of this technology is the impact upon other forms of life:

Birds, Bees and Butterflies

Over the last 25 years.

Butterflies – Five species now extinct in the UK , Artic migratory birds – 109 species have shrunk in numbers, Australian shore birds – 36 species have shrunk by 75%, Butterflies (world) – 10% face extinction. British Butterflies 50% face extinction, Bees – up to 50% fewer, Asian migratory birds – 62% threatened, Australian wading birds – 80% decline in numbers, British bees – half of species have declined by greater than 70%, US Bees – half of species have decreased in size by greater than 98%, Birds – 190 different species face imminent extinction, Birds – one in eight of world’s species under threat.

Of course many people in their sixties will recall how when driving in the height of summer, car windscreens would be covered in small flies, ladybirds and all sorts, so where have they all gone? Nowadays, you are lucky if you even see an insect let alone hit one. Since 2010, the insect population has declined by 60% and whilst many might celebrate this because they don’t particularly like insects, it may be worth reminding people that insects are the pollinators. No pollination? a reduction in world food output as Albert Einstein said “If the Bee disappears from the surface of the earth, then man would have no more than 4 years to live.”


So in conclusion I would just add that despite what you may believe based upon what you have seen in the mainstream media and TV, the idea that this technology is safe is simply not true. There are many peer reviewed scientific papers in the public domain which provide evidence of this fact. The technology that is being used today in mobile phones was used in the 50’s as a weapon, a prominent physicist by the name of Barrie Trower who was working for the Royal Navy in his younger years realised this became a whistleblower and has dedicated his life to letting the public know the dangers of this technology. I had the opportunity to speak to him recently and asked him to comment upon the data which we have collected from mast readings in our local communities.

It is interesting what he said, which was that what is more important than the strength of the readings is what they are not telling you and in a later update I will discuss what he said and try to convey it in terms that anyone can understand. In the meantime, if anyone is interested to find out more about the history of this technology and why a lot of information has been suppressed or ignored I would recommend a book called ‘Hidden Dangers 5G’ by retired electronic warfare specialist Jerry G Flynn, which can be purchased for kindle for as little as £3.40.


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