Public consultation process related to LTNs/15 Minute Cities/20 minute neighbourhoods

Dear West Sussex County Council,
Please provide full and detailed answers to the questions below:

1. When did the consultation, if any, take place?
2. How many people in total submitted comments either online, by email or by post?
3. Of this number how many of these were residents/business owners affected by the proposed plans?
4. Of this number of people, how many expressed dissatisfaction with or objected to the proposed plans?
5. Where were the details of the proposed plans advertised and how far in advance of the commencement date?
6. Were any exhibition type events or public meetings organised in relation to the proposed plans?
If so when and where? and what information was provided?
7. If there were any public meetings were held were they facilitated and was the Delphi technique used?
8. Were any people specifically invited to comment? If so who and by what criteria were they selected?
9. How were the results evaluated, what method was used?
10. Please provide the data related to each person consulted to include age/sex and where they reside (street name/ postcode)

Yours faithfully,

Roy Williams

Currently waiting for a response from West Sussex County Council, they should have responded promptly and normally no later than 24 March 2023 (details). No news yet but we will chase them.

If you want to sumit your own Freedom of Information request go to

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