We are proud to introduce you to ‘The Sussex Resident’s Association’. The association was formed on 4th August 2022. The aim of our association is to continuously scan for issues that may affect the health, education and moral integrity of the residents of Sussex and the surrounding nature, wildlife, and environment that may impact upon their general quality of life. We will seek solutions to address such issues as required. In the exercise of our function we will always act with lawful authority or reasonable excuse.

We also work hand in glove with the ‘National Resident’s Association’ and we share data with that organisation. We are also currently surveying members of the public to also understand their concerns at this time. This information will be available to you at some point in the future.

Initial Project 

Our initial project is to examine the effects of the rollout of ‘telecommunications equipment’ in public areas. There is evidence that certain new technologies are being rolled out at an ever increasing pace, when there has been no health or environmental impact assessments at all, whether at Central Government level or at Local Government level, this is something that should concern us all. Should you have any comments or anything you wish to bring to our attention please send us a brief message below.


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